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NINGBO JINZHOU was founded in 1999, as Yuyao Jinzhou for the drinking bottle business. And managed to expand the business from blow molding to its accessories, of different closures, pumps, and sprayers. And tried its best the leading environmentally friendly projects. Focused on PCR and other biodegradable materials.

Saving The Earth

post-consumer recycled



An experienced Chinese Plastic Manufacturer that specialized in Plastic Containers, Liquid Dispensing, and Closures.

With a customer-centered approach, we make Bottles pumps and sprayers.


  • Lotion Pump

    Lotion Pump (7)

    A lotion pump is a type of dispenser that is commonly used for dispensing lotion, liquid soap, or other personal care products. It is typically made up of several components, including a pump mechanism, a dip tube, and a closure or actuator. The pump mechanism is designed to deliver a controlled amount of product with each press, while the dip…