Make Up Remover Bottle 300ml JZ0755


A 300ml make-up remover bottle with a pump is a convenient and efficient way to store and dispense your make-up remover. The pump allows you to easily control the amount of product you use, while the bottle’s 300ml capacity provides enough product to last for several weeks or even months.

To use the bottle with pump, simply remove the cap, press down on the pump to dispense the desired amount of product onto a cotton pad or cloth, and apply to your face to remove your make-up. When you’re finished, replace the cap to keep the product fresh and prevent spills or leaks.

Make sure to clean the pump after each use by wiping it down with a clean cloth or tissue to prevent buildup of bacteria and to keep the pump functioning properly. And remember to always check the expiration date on your make-up remover and replace it if it has expired.

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