SKU 0849
Output: 0.8 ml/T
Neck Finish: 42/410
Material: pp
Carton Dim 45*35*30 cm
Carton Load: 250 Pc/CTN
Carton Weight: 13/14 Kg
The 42 neck foaming pump is a specialized dispensing system designed to convert liquid soap, lotion, or other liquid products into a rich, luxurious foam upon dispensing. It features a unique nozzle and chamber design that mixes air with the liquid, creating a voluminous and soft foam with each pump. The pump is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity, making it an excellent choice for both personal and commercial use. Application and Usage: The 42 neck foaming pump finds numerous applications in various settings, including households, offices, hospitals, schools, and public spaces. Its primary usage is for dispensing liquid soap and other personal care products, providing users with a more efficient and hygienic way of cleansing and sanitizing hands. Advantages of the 42 neck foaming pump: Cost-Effective: The foaming pump requires less liquid per pump, leading to reduced product consumption, which ultimately saves money in the long run. Enhanced Hygiene: The foam reduces the risk of cross-contamination as users don't need to touch the dispenser with dirty hands, promoting better hygiene. User-Friendly: The pump's easy-to-use mechanism makes it suitable for all age groups, including children and elderly individuals. Environmental Friendly: By using less liquid per pump, it contributes to reducing plastic waste and the environmental footprint. Versatile: The pump can be used with various liquid products, such as hand soaps, body washes, facial cleansers, and more. To use the 42 neck foaming pump, follow these simple steps: Fill the container with the desired liquid product, leaving some space for air. Screw the foaming pump securely onto the bottle or container with a 42mm neck size. Gently press down on the pump head to dispense the foam, and the pump will automatically mix the air with the liquid, creating a foamy lather. In conclusion, the 42 neck foaming pump is an efficient and hygienic way to dispense liquid soap and other liquid products, providing users with a luxurious foam that enhances the overall washing experience while being environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
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