Airless Pump Bottles Wholesale – Cosmetic Containers

Skincare and cosmetic packaging must be two things: aesthetic and functional.

For years, traditional pumps and dispensers dominated the market. Recently, however, newer and more effective models are gaining ground. Airless pump bottles are one of them.

Designed to keep products fully contained and away from outside air, these pumps are changing the industry for the better. Today, we’re sharing how your beauty brand can buy airless pump bottles wholesale, saving money and increasing efficiencies along the way.

Read on to learn the details!

What Are Airless Pump Bottles?

As their name implies, these lightweight, leakproof bottles are designed to eliminate air from entering into the packaging. 

When a user presses on the pump itself, the motion initiates a vacuum effect. Air inside of the bottle is pulled out, along with the product (e.g. lotion, serum, cream).

Pushing from the bottom is a plastic plate that sits beneath the product. This plate takes the place of a traditional dip tube that comes in most standard lotion pumps.

Thus, the product is pulled up by the pump and pushed up by the diaphragm plate below. Then, air fills back in beneath the plastic plate to rebalance the bottle. For that reason, you’ll notice that these bottles have a tiny hole on the bottom to allow the air to enter from below.

Use and Application

These bottles are ideal for any substance that’s sensitive to air exposure and could tarnish or lose efficacy if it occurs. These include natural, preservative-free skincare products, including:

  • Creams
  • Serums
  • Foundations
  • Lotions

Benefits of Airless Pumps

Now that we’ve covered how airless pump bottles work, let’s take a look at a few of the benefits you can expect when you invest in a wholesale order for your company.

Longer Shelf Life

When products have limited exposure to air, they retain their quality for longer, adding to their shelf life. When using an airless pump bottle, there is no backflow, meaning that no air goes back into your bottle. 

If you’re in the cosmetic, beauty or medical packaging field, you know that this kind of longevity is a major selling point.

Little Waste

How many complaints have you fielded from users who can’t squeeze every last drop out of their bottle? A common tactic is to untwist the bottle lid altogether and use the dip tube to scrape out the bottom and along the sides. Yet, as soon as this happens, the bottle fills with air.

With an airless pump, the plate at the bottom pushes all the way to the top. This way, your customers can rest assured that they’re getting as much product out as possible, down to the very last use. They can also avoid the clogs and challenges that are associated with many traditional lotion pumps.

In addition, these bottles are refillable, so they can enjoy years of use on anyone’s bathroom counter!

No Metal Contact

Because there is no dip tube, the product inside of an airless pump bottle never comes into contact with any form of metal, including metal springs. 

This can also help eliminate oxidation risks and keep your product sanitary and effective for much longer. 

Premium Branding Design

Not only do these new bottles operate better, but they look better, too.

This is a premium, high-end packaging solution that immediately elevates your brand. The bottles are capable of accepting a variety of colors, designs and applications, all customizable to meet your branding needs.

A few of the decorative elements that we can use to tailor your bottles include:

  • Hot stamping
  • Heat transfer labeling
  • Anodizing
  • UV metalizing
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Spray finishing

In addition, most of our bottles also come in any Pantone color available, allowing you full creative control over your final design. 

Recyclable and Eco-Friendly

Most of our bottles are made of PP plastic, making them a cinch to recycle. 

Thus, you are not only reducing waste by helping your product last longer and dispense more easily. You’re also doing your part to help the environment, ensuring that the bottles you invest in today can take on new life down the road.

Multiple Products, One Bottle

Want to combine a few of your best-selling products into one, multi-functional bottle? With these, you can.

Many airless pump bottles come equipped with single, dual or even triple chambers. This means you can fill one chamber with a face serum, another with a hydrating oil, and a third with a moisturizing lotion. Or, you can create any combination that works for you!

This is also a great way to package two incompatible formulas (such as daytime and nighttime products) together into one container. Each chamber works independently of the other, so users never have to worry about their products mixing together and losing value.

No Preservatives Required

Are you at the helm of an organic or natural beauty brand? Or, maybe you’re just interested in reducing your dependency o preservatives. 

Either way, when you pour your product into an airless pump bottle, you can greatly reduce or even eliminate your use of chemical preservatives. Because there is no oxidation occurring, the risk of spoilage is very low and these additives simply aren’t required.

Works in Any Position

Anyone who’s ever struggled to get a lotion pump to dispense correctly knows that most bottles only work when you hold them upright or at an angle. However, these new bottles work from any position. 

You can use your pump upside down, on its side, or in any other way and it will always work as expected, due to the no-fail vacuum effect.

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